Consignment Contract

OTM Boutique Consignor Contract


We are so happy that you have chosen to partner with OTM Boutique to help sell your items! Our number one goal is to help promote & market your items to sell. This could include photographing and advertising as needed. By signing this agreement, you give OTM Boutique permission to photograph your items for promotional & advertising purposes. You also acknowledge that OTM Boutique reserves the right to reject any and all items for consignment as we see fit for our store at this time. Items not selected for consignment must be picked up within 7 days of notification or they will be donated to a local organization as we do not have the room to hold onto these items.


Duration of Consignment

The consignee & OTM Boutique both agree that the initial term of consignment for items is set to be 90 days from the date that the items were processed. If an item does not sell within 90 days, the consignee will have 14 days to pick up unsold items. Once 14 days have gone by and items have not been picked up, the consignee agrees that the items then become property of OTM Boutique upon which time OTM Boutique reserves the right to retain the items or donate to a local organization.

At OTM Boutique, we will do our absolute best to keep your items safe, however, we are not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft.


Pricing Items

Consignee acknowledges that OTM Boutique will price all items accordingly & do so based on current market research. OTM Boutique will strive to provide the best pricing that benefits all parties including the consignee, the consumer, & OTM Boutique. Consignee agrees that their items may be discounted/promoted at any time during the 90 days to properly market items at a competitive price.



The named consignee shall receive 40% of the selling price of their items. Consignees may receive an additional 10% when you use your earnings as store credit at OTM Boutique. Payouts for any items sold may be picked up at OTM Boutique only. We will not mail payments. We issue payments & checks on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month. You can pick up anytime during the posted store hours.


Consignment merchandise as a return policy of 7 days. Due to this return policy, payment to consignee will not be issued until after the 7-day return period. If payment goes unclaimed after 1 year, the payment will be converted into store credit, less the additional 10% as mentioned above.


The consignee accepts that he/she is the rightful owner of the items and has all rights to offer the items for resale/consignment.


We look forward to working with you!